Thursday, May 31, 2012

JasperReportsIntegration howto article republished

Hi guys,

this article has been published already two years ago in the ODTUG magazine, but it should still work the same way:

If you have any issues, please let me know.



meltem said...

Hi Dietmar,
I'm new to APEX and Jasper Reports. I've installed it successfully. It's a really nice tool and it was needed. Because not every firm can afford it to buy licenses at the cost of BI Publisher.
Is it possible to integrate a report generated by JasperReports to the download button on the reports region? I mean I dont want to add a button to the region, just use the download button...

Dietmar Aust said...

Hi meltem,

well, it is possible to add that to the classic reports, not the interactive ones. With classic reports you can supply a column specific report template.

I did implement that a while ago as a proof of concept but never made that available. It is not finished yet.

For interactive reports you can only supply a generic template and therefore you can only output the data as a simple list, nothing spectacular.

So your best bet is using the JasperReportsIntegration as it is and create the button for it ;).

Cheers and good luck,

Anonymous said...

hi dietmar..
we use your integration's just fine.

but when i use dblink on query, its getting error cannot preview pdf nor html?


Dietmar Aust said...


this is not enough information, please be more precise.

What query? In the report itself?

Does the report work within the ireport designer?

what versions of ireport, jasperReportIntegration are you using?

What error message do you get? please use the html format, then you get better error messages.